E-6 Processing

Professional Developing

Our Refrema processors use a dip and dunk processing system. The film is lowered into the chemistry tanks from overhead without the film itself touching the mechanism. This ensures consistent, accurate processing while virtually eliminating the risk of film damage.

35mm / 120   Dev. only 14.00
35mm - Dev. and mount 24.00
220 26.00
4x5 8.00
5x7 11.00
8x10 18.00
Mounting Only

All film will be mounted on premium GEPE 24mm x 36mm two-piece 1.35mm thick plastic mounts.

After time of processing 24/36 exp 10.00
Mounting single frames 0.75
Clip Test

Standard Lead 35mm clip will be clipped from the beginning of the roll. Standard 120 clips will be clipped from the tail end of the roll unless otherwise specified. 220 clips will be tail clips only.

Clip Test 8.00
Push and Pull
Push +3 stops maximum in 1/4 or1/3 increments
Pull -1 stops maximum in 1/4 or1/3 increments
Push/Pull process 4.50