Miscellaneous Digital Service
File Conversion
File Conversion Service Fee 1.00
Digital Media Card to CD
Per Card up to 1 GB (CD not included) 10.00
Index Print ( 40 files per page ) 4.95
Blank DVD Media 5.00
Blank CD Media 2.50
Save a Scan

Order any size custom print and choose our "Save A Scan" option. We'll save your image files onto CD or DVD, allowing you to protect your originals from the potential damage of repeated use.

Additional prints can be made at any time directly from the CD or DVD and they'll always match the original prints.

CD - First Image (Includes CD) 10.00
DVD - First Image (Includes DVD) 20.00
Additional Images (CD or DVD)   7.50
Dupe Media
Dupe DVD 20.00
DupeCD 10.00
File Recovery

Let us restore your valuable images from your digital media.

Card Recovery 1 GB 25.00
Card Recovery 2 GB 30.00
Card Recovery 4 GB 35.00
Card Recovery 8 GB 40.00